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“I would like to thank all the staff for the perfect, reliable support you gave to our meditation retreat. You were all so respectful to our requirements and the service was first class in every way. The atmosphere you maintain at Trigonos is calm, uncluttered, and utterly beautiful”

Lynn P

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Group prices

Our all-in-one price per participant covers bedrooms, workrooms, meals and other refreshments (including the always available teas, coffees and fruit bowl).

There are no hidden extras. It is easy to work out your budget and stick to it.

How your booking helps our ethical business

As a not-for-profit company we do not pay dividends to owners or shareholders All income stays within the company for the benefit of employees and to help keep prices as reasonable as possible.

We are a business guided by ethics, including in our employment practices. No-one is employed on zero-hours contracts.

We pay the National Living Wage to everyone over 21 rather than 25 (the age set by law) because we can see no grounds for paying less to people doing equal work. And no-one earns more than twice the wage of the lowest paid employee (16-17 year olds).